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Respect others.
This goes for not just for the individuals on the screen, but for the chat moderators and other viewers as well. Moderators are here purely on a volunteer basis, and they have feelings just like you and I. Each and every one of them has been hand chosen by me, and their decisions and actions on issues are final. Disrespect to anyone else in the chat will not be tolerated and there will be repercussions for such actions.
Politics & Religion.
Politics and religion discussions are offlimits. These topics are taboo in most social situations for a reason. They tend to evoke very emotional feelings in people when their opinions on these things get challenged, and it's rare that anyone is willing to budge on their thoughts when it comes to these topics. So for all parties involved, let's leave these topics to more appropriate forums and just focus on enjoying the stream.
Keep the chat civil.
Everyone has an opinion on just about everything, and it's not always going to line up with yours. If someone says something that you disagree with, then take the opportunity to have a discussion with them about why you disagree and find out why they think the way they do. You might just discover a new way of looking at something!
I don't do shoutouts. Shoutouts serve no purpose beyond having your name stated. Instead, I greet people as I see them entering the chat and bid them farewell when they say goodbye. Asking for shoutouts will not get you anything but the ire of your fellow viewers, and repeated requests will be considered spamming and will be dealt with accordingly.
Spamming is nothing short of annoying to other viewers. While it may get attention drawn to you, it usually isn't the kind of attention that you were really looking for. Spamming can take multiple forms, including, but not limited to, asking the same question repeatedly, large numbers of emoticons, links, etc. Self promotion in and of itself is permitted, but repeatedly blasting it out can constitute spamming, so bear that in mind. Individuals who are determined to be spamming will be served a timeout, and if they continue after multiple timeouts, they will be banned.
Backseat Gaming
Backseat gaming is the act of trying to tell another individual (the people on stream in this case) how they should be playing the game. Quite often, this tends to result in the spoiling of plot points for those who really didn't want them spoiled. Unless explicitly asked for, advice and direction on how to play and where to go is not desired nor welcomed. Anyone who is caught doing it will be subject to being placed in timeout.
Asking to be a moderator.
Do not do it. I do not choose moderators based on who asked first. It is a position I fill when there is a need, and I choose someone who I have noticed be a consistently respectful and helpful individual in the chat. Asking to be made a moderator will net you the dubious distinction of not fulfilling that requirement, and will not get you anywhere closer to achieving your goal. If moderating the chat for my streams is something you want to do, then all you need to really do is come and be a positive member of the chat on a regular basis.


Alex streams most nights pending his availability from work. Look for him to start around (10pm MST) on YouTube Gaming and Twitch!


I am a husband, a father, and a gamer. At 36 years old I'm not the youngest, but a part of me has refused to grow up. I originally hail from Germany, but now live in northern Alberta, Canada (hence the name). Over the years I've gathered real world experience in the armed forces, transportation industry and emergency services, which has helped fuel my interest in the games you'll find on my channel and in my live streams.

I love making videos and I have a passion for PC Games. I never thought I was entertaining, but my viewers, or dare I say fans, think otherwise. Sharing the gaming experience, and the occasional life lesson, in a positive, family friendly environment is what my channel is all about. Ultimately I just want to make a positive impact on the lives of my viewers.

As a purely PC gamer, most of the games I play I've acquired through Steam. You will find that most of my content is focused on games that center on role play, simulation and emergency services, although I have a good variety of other content as well including indie games and reviews of games and hardware. If you enjoy fun, clean entertainment, you've come to the right place!

System Specs and Hardware

Zalman Z9, with custom fan controller
Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.4GHz
MSI Z97 Gaming 5
CPU Cooler
H100i, with 4 x 120mm fans in Push-Pull configuration
NVidia 1080i Strix 12GB
32GB Corsair Vengeance Red Pro at 2400 MHz
2 x 512GB SSD
4 x 2TB Seagate Barracuda Black
Power Supply
Cooler Master 850W Silent Pro
Other Hardware
Driving Controls
Logitech G27, modified for truck and bus
Flight Controls
CH Pro Yoke
GF Vantedge Yoke
GF-166 Radio Panel
GF-46 MP Panel
Saitek H.O.T.A.S. X52 Pro
Saitek Pro Flight Combat Rudder Pedals
Train controls
RD-91-MDT-R Rail Driver
Vision Tracking
IR Tracking System
Programmable Keypads
XK-24 Programmable Keypads
XK-68 Jog and Shuttle

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